Planual Explained - Day 17


 Below rule is connected to the rule explained in  Planual Explained - Day 16 - Anaplan Community Go through it before you read further.

"Rule 2.02-05": Article 2, Chapter 2, and Rule 5 – “Create “joins” in smallest hierarchy”. “If a text string join is needed, create the joins in the smaller hierarchies first to minimise the size of the text strings. It goes against PERFORMANCE, LOGICAL, NECESSARY elements of PLANS if you wish to go against this rule

Here is how it was done in Pre Planual Era:


What is wrong with this method? There are three joins in the above screenshot (Customer Code, “_” and Product Code). Customer Code and the Product Code calculations are fine, it is the separator that doesn’t necessarily have to cut across all the dimensions.

 Here is how it should be done in Planual Way:

When you need to join text together in this way, it is likely there will be a common pattern used elsewhere within your model. In our example, the Company code could be the prefix for many other text strings. So, following the rule of “calculate once, reference many times,” we should put the &”_” join in the module by Company. As a rule of thumb, make the join in the smaller of the lists. In our case, we have 1,000 Companies and 3,500 Products, so it is more efficient to add this as a suffix to Company Code & not Prefix to the Product Code.



The line item formula for Code to use = Code&”_” The final step is to replace the formula in the ultimate target with a reference to this intermediate line item.

Formula = ‘SYS05 Company Details’. Code to Use & ‘SYS06 Product Details’.Code


One final step to ensure that calculations are fully optimized is to always consider whether the summary options are applicable for the calculations. In our example, by default, Text items default to None because combinations at the parent or total levels do not make sense. The code of the Company item is not applicable to its parent. So, for Text formatted items, there is nothing more to do. However, always check if the Summary options are needed.


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