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Please help me understand if Anaplan has a method by which we can get notifications for users from an app. For e.g if there is a document approval that is pending for an user, can it show up on the notification icon ( the bell icon on the top right corner of this page). I have pasted an image of it below. It's the second icon from the left:




Also, we would like to get the same notifications on the user's phone alone with the other notifications that he gets.


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  • Hi @anacherry 

    Anaplan has workflow capabilities where you could assign tasks and stack approvals, send notifications  ...etc

    I personally haven’t implemented it myself but I know it exists (at least when I was working at Anaplan )

  • @anacherry 


    Is there any criteria if document approval is required, for example line item value achieving a threshold in the module? Or it happens as and when another user who is using Anaplan decides that an approval is required.


    If this is not to be an automated notification, you might want to consider creating a line item with MAILTO function which will open up a compose email when the line item's value (which is a link) is clicked by the user.  We can pre-populate the recipient address, subject and body of the email by linking to other line items.


  • Hi @anacherry 


    Option 1: You can use the MAILTO function based on Logic or any you can set up a Boolean formated line item based on which the mail send link get activated with a pre defined text and Email Body. But a manual intervention will be needed to click on the Send Mail . 

    Flexibility -

    1. You can send the mails to anyone even if they are not the users of model. 

    2. You can create the text to be sent using different line items by concatenation . More of automated figures and status or targets .


    Option 2: You can use the native workflow functionality in which you can send notification based on the status of task to the users of the model. 

    Con - You can only send mail to Model users


    Option 1 will have more flexibility .