List with active products only


Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out how to show active products from a list of all products including historic, non-active ones. 

I currently have 2 modules: a module dimensioned by the product list and time (years), with a boolean for active / non-active and secondly a calculation module dimensioned by the same product list. What I'm struggling with is combining the two i.e. in my second module, showing the calculation with only active products.

Am I on the right track? or should I create a list subset?

If anyone can please advise, much appreciated.

Thanks in advance of your help,




  • if you want to save space and performance, a subset is in order.
    Otherwise, a small module, a filter is enough.


    You can import into the list to create the subset, using the boolean you have in the module 1 (create a view filtering on that boolean as well)

  • Thanks Nathan. Got the import to work (although took me a couple of times) and the calc module is now showing only active products.

  • hi @CommunityMember113484 ,


    so you can achieve it in two ways

    1. if you want to show only for that module the active products, crate a boolean filter via the boolean property of list and make a saved view.

    2. in case there are some active products which are to be used separately for calculations , you can create a active product list subset, in list go to subset and create the subset, then either you can manually tick items which should be part of subset or import , then that subset can be used as a separate list in the modules