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I currently have 2 models and I'm trying to pull staff costs from one over to the other.  The module I'm trying to import into is dimensioned by employees and years.  The module I'm trying to import from is dimensioned by employees, years, and versions.

When I connect to the Anaplan model and select the module, the mapping isn't right. 

e.g. Source --> target

Time --> column headers (fine)

Line items --> Line items (fine)

Issue: Employees --> Employees.  There isn't quite employees as a source (it's a dimension?) See attached issue I'm having.  



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Best Answer

  • in your source view you need to display only one version (simply right click on the version and "Show").
    The practice when you are doing an import source is to make it as small as possible (remove sub totals, additional dimensions etc)


  • Hi @CommunityMember113484 ,


    you have to map "Employee code" line item  to Employee list because it is numbered list. for that you need create saved view in the source module by putting line item in column.


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  • Thanks for your speedy reply but I'm still struggling a bit.  I've created the saved view in the source module and when I try to import, it doesn't seem to map automatically? 

    Mapping looking like this now (see below).








  • Hi @CommunityMember113484 ,


    you are still mapping Employee Name (ID) instead of mapping of employee code . please map the Employee code  to the employee list.





  • Ahhh okay, yes, I see, thanks for pointing this out.
    So my import worked (kind of). In my source module, if my salary was 100k, it's showing double in the imported module 200k? This is for all years, all employees. Both module timescales are in years too. Not sure why this is causing the salary to change?
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  • Hi @CommunityMember113484 ,


    It might be because of version if you are using two versions in the source module. that is going to be double value while importing into the target module.for each employee.


    As you are using version dimension in the source module and not in the target module.




  • Got it. Thanks for all your help!