Data import from excel to List


HI all,


I am loading data from excel to List and i have blank entries in the excel sheet which has business meaning, hence i am bit struggling to maintain blank entries in the list or how Anaplan recognizes the blank entries from excel records and loads automatically to the list.




  • Hi @CommunityMember128217 ,


    can you please share the screenshot or mock-up?




  • HI naushad786 ,


    I just want to maintain blank entries into list as this has business meaning behind.

    And I have in my excel such entries(Blanks) when i load to list i do not see those blank entries as Anaplan does not recognize it.

     Anyway I have Added the excel example in the attachment to get some idea. PFA.



  • prabhu

    Hi @CommunityMember128217 - 


    Blank Entries meaning - you want to create a action.

    The purpose may be, the business don't want to share some data as a file with you.


    What you can do is : 

    1. Ask for column header(Fixed) - So that you can map accordingly while creating an action.

    2. Create a CSV file and add only Column headers and run the action.


    Now run the action - you won't get any record in list.


    I am not getting what you mean "i am bit struggling to maintain blank entries in the list"


    Can you provide some screen shot for better understanding.




    Sorna Raja Prabhu

  • Hi Sorna Raju,


    Not everything in excel file is coming blank. one or two records and it has business meaning.

    See below.

    I am Loading data to List and i need to see in the list 5 records(O1,O2,O3,O4 and blank)










  • Hi @CommunityMember128217 ,


    As you attached the screenshot, you can maintain blank entries using Unique ID. for that you need to create a number list display property as "Display Name".





  • Hi @CommunityMember128217 ,


    in case you keep organisation as a general list as blank, anaplan will fail blank entries when you import into the list


    this is because anaplan identifies each unique list member by its name in a general list

    so you get only the non-blank entries 


    if this is feasible or not, bit what you can do is create the organisation list as a numbered list , and add a display name property and map the column org name to the display name property and import using org code,

    so it wil create 5 entries with 1 as the anaplan generated id i.e without a display name


    here as you can see 5 entries are created but if display name is blank, it will show id name 

  • You can use 'Combinations of properties' option to upload data and make sure your list is numbered list.