Edit functions (eg. copy across) for end user in New UX


Hi! I am new in NUX and exploring possibility to migrate from current classic dashboards to NUX. For the input tables, functions like copy across, copy down, breakdown, etc, seem not be available in NUX. While copy paste works, it is very slow (after around 5 seconds). After I copy a cell, I can not move right or down with arrow keys, but can only click on a cell to paste. And I am not able to delete the values in all the selected cells at the same time but have to delete one by one. Do I miss anything or is it under development? Thanks.

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  • Misbah
    Answer ✓

    Copy Across - Not Available yet

    Copy Down - Not Available yet

    Copy Paste - Yes, Extremely Slow

    Breakback - Works on NUX. You will have to apply the breakback in the model itself

    Movement across Cells - Works Fine for me,You probably might have to refresh the page or browser

    Delete the cells - Yes that's true. There is no bulk delete function yet. It has gone as an idea though Deleting the Input Values in Bulk on NUX - Anaplan Community



    Hope that helps