Incremental data load for current month




I want to do a data load only for current Month data, I have a data file where I have complete year data but I want to Load data only for current month.


We have created a boolean line item which filter my current month records based on current period setting in model.


but Just wanted to know, can we setup a process to only load/import current month data instead full file load.






  • Hi @MadhabikaM ,



    Why don't you separate data for the current month in the separate Excel file and then load into anaplan.




  • @MadhabikaM ,


    The best way is to do exactly what @naushad786 mentioned, create a different file.  But, if this is going into a data hub and then the current month is going to a spoke model, you can create a boolean line item in the transactional data module and map the boolean in the file to that line item.  Then, you can use this boolean (the line item) as a filter for your view to the downstream model.