Level 2 Sprint 3 Stock Exception Review Dashboard Help


Hey! I've been trying to figure out how to create the 3rd grid for the Stock Exception Review Dashboard. This is the view with creating a grid that shows Safety Stock Flag Count by period at the SKU level.


I was thinking I need to create a new line item with a lookup, but thinking I'm over complicating things!


Any hints/tips appreciated to guide me in the right direction! 


  • Hi @nsherman 

    I will be happy to help you think through this.


    My general guideline is always to start with the requirement, find out where I can find the information I need - or parts of it - and then think about how to get from A to B

    Let's start with the requirement...

    You already have the guidance that tells you the data will come from INV01. But even if you don't have that information, you can easily arrive at that conclusion since we are calculating the Stock Exception in the IN01.
    I believe you already figured this part out.

    Let's look at the dimensions of INV01, It's P3 SKU and Time (weeks) and Stock Exception is a line item.

    What's the dimension of the requirement? "SKU Level and periods within a year"
    The periods in this dashboard are months.
    So it seems like you have all the information you need, right?

    What are you going to lookup in the new line item you are thinking of adding? 

  • And that's when you realize you were looking at the wrong module to add. I was looking at INV02 and trying to build a look up there. No wonder I was struggling.


    Thanks @einas.ibrahim!

  • no worries 🙂
  • @einas.ibrahim Einas, thanks for your contributions!

    Even tho the requirements for this dashboard, SKU Level and periods within a year, the INV01 module nees to be also connected with the country/region filter, right?  so I need to connect somehow the Region dimension so this last grid shows the SKU detail also by country/Region?

    Thanks for you help



  • Hi @LinaCorrea 

    Do you still need help or you got it?
    If you believe any of the answers provided can help a future community member having a similar issue, Mark it as a solution so they can easily find it.

  • Hi Einas,

    I can show the INV01 sku exception for the selected product family and for the month period. But I cannot figure out how to show only the skus for the selected region from INV01. It is as if I need a filter somewhere. Am I understanding the requirement correctly? Would appreciate some guidance.

    Thank you.
  • Hi @einas.ibrahim 


    I am also struggling with syncing data from INV01 with the Region context selector on the card since INV01 is not dimensionalized by Region.  I initially solved this by creating a new module but it looks like that was not the correct solution and I'd like to correct it before the exam.  Is the intent that you don't sync that section or was it correct to create a new module.  Could you help me to think about this correctly?


    Thank you!

  • @einas.ibrahim 


    If I create a new view to accommodate for that 3rd grid & choose the time-scale to be month in this view, I notice that the parent INV01 module also switches from week to month ( which will affect my other dashboard pages)


    Is this behavior intended ? If so, how do I prevent INV01 from changing?



  • Hello @sbiswal92 

    Could you send me a screenshot of the dashboard you are referring to please?


    <Pic1.jpg> In order to obtain this 3rd grid, I am building a new view based off INV01 and choosing the time-scale in this view to be Month.

    <S2.jpg> But when I make this Week to Month, the parent i.e INV01 also changes its time-scale from Week to Month.


    Is it okay for views to modify parent modules? This is not a question for this module but any module and view in general.


  • @sbiswal92 


    I don't seem to understand your question clearly.
    What do you mean by "parent module"? Anaplan doesn't have a hierarchy for modules? 

    What changes are you referring to when you say "saved view to modify"?


    Now back to your original question about the time changes....In Anaplan if you change the value of the time, version, and even lists in one module then this dimension will change in every module that has that dimention.
    So if in mod 1 I change the time to Q2 FY20, then any other module that has time as a dimention - and in a page selector- will change to Q2 FY20.


    In a dashboard, you can override this behaviour by unchecking the synchronization for the grid or chart that you don't want to change.


    If that is not clear, let me know and I may provide some examples.

  • @einas.ibrahim 

    Ok that explanation helps.


    Now coming back to the issue that is problematic for me.

    After I create a module and import data, I am allowed to build different views based on this module I just created, right?

    If I modify one such view in terms of time-scale, the same change also reflects in the module from which I created the view (which you explained will happen)


    So, in that case,  creating a view on INV01 based on P3 SKU, Time (weeks) and Stock Exception  and changing the time-scale to Month is not the right way to go about it ?


    If this is not right, what alternative method do you suggest to load data onto the UX-Page?

  • @sbiswal92 


    In a recent post (yesterday perhaps), I explained what is considered structural changes to a module versus report or view changes.

    You can only make reporting or viewing changes in a saved view and have it different from the default view of the module. Examples of these changes are:

    Change the layout 

    Add conditional formatting

    Add filter



    Changing the time scale does not apply only to a saved view, it applies to the module because it is a structural change.

    For example, if you change the time scale for a saved view as you believe and opened another view, you will see the time scale change as well.