Part 8: Import data into REV02 Volume Inputs modulePage


Hello Group,


I got lost in trying to import Volume+inputs.csv into my Rev02 Module. In the attached screenshot what should map into "REV02 Volume Inputs Line Items (Volume)". Thank you very much in advance.




  • Hi @jayan 


    You are going to import the value always to a single line items here. so there is an option to select fixed line item,Just select this option and then from Rev02 line item tab select the volume line item.


    Hope this helps!



  • Same is not working for me. 



    I am still getting error.




  • Hi @PoojaGupta ,


    The error that you are getting is because the time headers are not matching. Kindly select the correct headers from the time tab of the import dialog box. The format would be YYYYMM as its in the csv file. When you will select this format, you'll find the periods matching on the right hand side of the dialog box. Now import the file, it will flow in smoothly.


    I hope it helps


  • Thanks a lot, it worked!
  • Hi 

    I am not getting this, YYYYMM, format in the list. I have also tried to customize it, yet it's not working.


    Please guide.




  • It Screenshot 2022-03-19 001807.png

  • Thank u , It worked for me..

  • worked me as well. Thanks for help!

  • ddb

    Invalid format only showing (even after correct Period setting format)