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I've got a list of products A - Z, and within some of these products, it contains several products.  Most products are like product A below, only some are like product B. What is the best way to format this hierarchy? or best way so I can view Products A-Z at the top level but also have a breakdown where needed?


Product A

Product B

- product b1

- product b2

- product b3

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  • thre are two ways:


    Composite Hierarchy:

    you do two lists (P1 Products and P2 Products details) with P1 being the parent of P2.

    Advantage: you can use the two levels independently, summarize with more flexibility etc

    Disadvantage: for products like product A, you'll have to create a "placeholder" in P2 so it will look at bit **** Product A > Product A


    One list:

    Just have single Product List and add children to product B. You'll be able to input values at leaf level, Anaplan will auto sum details into product B.

    Disavantage:  you will not be able to extract, for calculation, the SUM value of product B, at least not easily (anaplan calculates it and you can see it but you cannot not get it with a LOOKUP).


    What to choose ?

    You are saying most are like Product A so I would tend to choose one list.

    However if you plan to do calculations at the different levels of the list, you should go composite.


  • Thanks for the explanation - I think the single list will work best too as I don't require calculations at different levels of the list. To clarify, when you say "add children to product B. You'll be able to input values at leaf level" - how do I go about doing this? I tried to drag products within product B into a "Product B category" but it doesn't seem to work?
  • paolovm

    It should be simple as dragging or maintaining the parent in the GRID view of the list


    If still not able to make it, would you be able to share a screenshot of what you're trying to do?



  • Hmm..i might not have this right as I'm getting "Moving an item onto itself or one of its children is not allowed." Then I removed the parent and then I get this error "The items cannot be moved to this position"?