Triggering Scripts or Rest API calls from within Anaplan




I want the ability to trigger scripts or REST api calls from within Anaplan.


For an example, say I have a file watcher on a network share drive location. If files are added or updated in this directory something should happen to them. 


In this case I want the files to be uploaded and imported into an Anaplan model. I'd like to setup an action or process so this can be all automated. I don't want users to have to login to an Anaplan model to run the process, nor do I want them to have to run anything externally. Essentially, all I want them to do is put a file in a directory once it's been updated and let Anaplan and automation take care of the rest.


Is there a way to do this? 


Best Answer

  • MaartenGijbels



    Anaplan needs to be "pushed", you'll have to set up a file watcher on a computer and have it check for new files on relatively short intervals. Then you could use that to trigger an action via anaplan connect. 


    But it's not natively available.


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