Level 2 - Sprint 3 Exam


My INV01 module works perfectly well and matches the training screen shots. I am juste facing an issue when trying to upload the weekly + Order + Schedule to answer a question. When i try to import i have a problem :

Anaplan says that some P3 SKU are not found in the list. When i check the mapping i find those SKU's : 


The import doesn't work so i can't answer the question. Any help ? Is it normal that Csv file includes SKU's that are not in the module. 



  • Misbah



    Looks like P3 SKU list is not updated. Can you please update your SKU list and then run the import action. Your Item count in P3 SKU list should be 429.

  • Younes


    DO you mean i need to update it from the data hub ? Or download a new csv file ?

  • Misbah



    Check once if your data Hub has the list updated. If yes you can pull it from Data hub otherwise load new file into Hub and then pull the data from hub to spoke 

  • hi @Younes 

    For SKU , yes some were found unmapped as in the level 2 SKU list, there is slight change in the names of the members(CPX) ones, so you can map them manually with the unmapped ones, ideally it shouldnt happen as data consistency across all models is he purpose of a hub, I did manual mapping of these members and continued

  • Hi,

    Can you please share the screenshot of complete mapping, I'm having trouble mapping time periods for this file (Weekly + Order + Schedule)

  • I know this was a while ago but I'm having the same issue re the time periods, what was your resolution?


    Thanks in advance