Can a parent numbered list and child numbered list have the same code?


Hi All,

I have a parent hierarchy in numbered list.Both are uniquely identified by code. 

Parent List : Program

Child List : Project


So When I am importing into child list(Project), it is ignoring some of the records. After the analysis, I found that the records that are being ignored have their codes already present in parent list(Program). Is this the desired behavior?


And when i manual update the codes in the child list(Project) with the codes present in parent list(Program), it is getting updated.



Program : 123,234,456,789 (List members)

Project: 111,235,345,789 (list members) (and code 789 being rejected as it is present in parent list but when manually updating a list member with the same code, it is getting updated.

So not sure, what is the desired behavior.


  • I confirm this behavior.
    They should not share a code.
    Because when you import, as you tested, the parent is always there so it is mistaken.
    We can argue that it should be different but it's how it is.
  • Misbah



    Yes that is the desired behavior and it won't let you import same code twice

  • @Misbah @nathan_rudman 


    Isn't this a bug at Anaplan end that they are not allowing to update it during the import action but user can manually go and update the code?


    And would be great if someone can share what should be the best practice in such a situation.