Line item filter on a dashboard


Dear all, 


I'm having trouble setting up some filters on my dashboard.

I published my line item "mover class ?" (which is a list) on my dashboard and i want to use it as a filter (by then creating a boolean line item.)

But when i select one choice on the list on my dashboard (here : best mover) it only applies to the first cell.  (cf screen)


Do you know how i can fix it ?


Many thanks in advance.




  • Mariann

    It seems that i forgot to join a screen

  • your filter should be in a module that has no dimension but the Users dimension (to make it independent by user). Or at least not the dimension you are trying to filter.
    You can then build your boolean:
    IF ITEM(your list) = Module Filter.filter THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE
  • Mariann

    Thank you very much this is working ! Thanks for your help.

    Have a great day

  • hi @Mariann 


    Can you try to create the filter as a separate module with the boolean based on filter you need to do and then apply that on the module you need to filter