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Hi All,


We have created a Dynamic Scenario List as #Numbered List. Parent List is the Planning Stage list for which they are creating the scenarios.


Now we have given a functionality to add any Scenario in the #Scenario List. But as the planning stage is closed and locked by the user (Using DCA) all the scenarios get locked for that Particular stage. 


Now the ask of the user is that the functionality to add any member to the scenario list should also get locked for that stage.


PS: We can't use native workflow as the Parent list i.e. Planning stages is being used by different regions in Models and planning will get locked for everyone.







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  • andre.lie
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    @NakulAggarwal ,


    Do you currently use default 'Create' action to add the planning scenario?


    One way that I can think of is to use a custom create action.  Create an input module where you specify the scenario to be created as well as its parent stage.  Filter this module view based on the criteria that you use to lock the planning stage i.e. if lock criteria is met, then exclude the scenario.  Finally, use the view to create the action to insert the scenario into the planning stage.  If stage is closed, the action will insert nothing.






  • the only way you can really forbid a user from adding into a list is to remove the right of their role to edit that list or access that action. Not ideal as this has to be done by a WSA.

  • Hi @nathan_rudman 


    Thanks for the quick revert.


    It will be kind of a frequent activity and WSA will be the support team only. Looks less feasible option. 


    Secondly if we forbid a user to write on the list it will restrict to add even to Unlocked stages as well.



  • HI @andre.lie 


    Looks like the solution. It worked. 


    We were using a dummy module to align the Display Name, Just added a filter not equal to lock stage and it worked.