FAILURE_BAD_CREDENTIAL when executing curl command for authentication token




I'm following the Anaplan API and trying to create an authentication token. I'm using the command with my username and password included:


curl -X POST --user


However, when I run it I get an error message FAILURE_BAD_CREDENTIAL. I'm using the correct credentials though. Not sure how to resolve this issue. Password has no special characters in it and I'm not using SSO to login.

Best Answers

  • nathan_rudman
    no, that's a JSON object for requests via http call
    I don't know curl but should be something like this
    curl -X POST --user Authorization:base64encoded('password')
  • ben_speight
    Answer ✓

    curl --user handles base64-encoding the user:password for basic authentication. If you wanted to do it yourself you would directly provide an Authorization header using -H "Authorization: Basic xxxxxx" where xxxxxx is the base64-encoded username:password, but that shouldn't be necessary. The only thing that could trip it up is a colon in the username.

    If you pass the -v flag to curl you will get more useful output to standard error. I can't see anything obviously wrong with the command though. What does the response look like?