Model Building Level 2 Training - Import Issue


I am trying to upload data in OTH01 module of the FP&A model from INV05 in the supply chain model. Every thing looks perfect. I juste have a problem when matching the location. As you can see in the source module i have Mumbai as location while in the target module i have Bombay. Is it normal ? What module should i update ? The training says that i shoudn't have any item ignored.



Thank you for your help


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  • einas.ibrahim

    That would serve the purpose

    • you might also want to make sure that the name of the location is the same in all applications, better yet if there is a correction to be made, then make it in the data hub and rebuild the hierarchy. That’s what the data hub is for.


  • Misbah



    I don't recall fixing it. I probably might have manually mapped it and moved on. As long as you know why is the error popping up and how to fix it you are good.


  • Hi @Younes 


    What would you do if this was a project you are implementing for a customer? It’s fairly common to have data issues like that in actual implementation. 
    I don't know if the training is intentionally providing this discrepancy or it’s a simple mismatch but it’s a good thing to get you to think how to handle such situations. 

    Put everything you learned so far into practice and see how you would rectify “a simple” issue like this.

    How would you ensure the data integrity. 

    If you start doing so and still have any questions, let me know and I’ll help you figure it out. 


  • Younes

    HI @einas.ibrahim 

    Well i chose to map manually Mumbai to Bombay. In a real life situation, i would have asked the client to clarify if its normal or not.