Saved View Name: EMP02: Forecast Periods




I am trying to filter on Forcast periods and I cant seem to get it to work.








  • Misbah



    I don't see any filter applied on the view. Can you click on the "+" icon in the Filter Snapshot and Pick the source line item which is supposed to filter your module

  • Hi @ciara 


    To only show data in a specific time period you do need to use the Filter—> Time dialogue box like you provided in your 2nd screenshot. 
    I’m not sure if you were trying to use the pivot dialogue for filter or you were just providing the full picture but the pivot dialogue won’t help in this situation. 

    Having said that, let’s think together ...


    Q. How can we filter for forecast period only?
    A.We have to tell the filter to show only forecast periods of course.
    Q. Where are we defining forecast periods in the model?

    A. That would be in one of the System module regarding time.


    This is a case of filtering data in a module based on a rule in a different module. 

    1. identify the time system module that has the forecast periods defined. 

    2. Go back to the original module -in need of filtering - click on the little + sign in the time tab if the Filter dialogue 

    3. Select the module and line item from the time system module 

    4. create the filter condition 


    if you have a problem in any of these steps or you are not familiar with the filter dialogue let me know and I can walk you through it. 

  • hi @ciara 


    In case you need to filter time periods in a module, you need to add a filter on time, so in the Time tab of filters, you can see a plus item and add a time filter , ideally this filter for forecast periods should be in a separate system module, where you can create a boolean for which periods should be fcst periods and then use that as filter



    Hope it helps