how to update list with hierarchies


i hv created a list with different properties and want to update some properties when end user done some changes in the property published on dashboard and same gets updated in the list.

i hv created a system module with two line items same as property in the list and published on the dshboard. once user does some changes that need to be updated in the list. now i m trying to import the module in to the list i m getting an error of 0 updated 0 created and 100 ignored. Anyone plzzz suggest how to resolve it

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  • Kanishq17
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    hi @saurav4ss 


    You can directly publish the grid view of the list to the dashboard, so they can edit any properties 




  • Hi @saurav4ss ,


    can you please share the screenshot?




  • why do you need to update the properties ? If you have them in a module, there is usually no need to have them in the list (duplication of data, hard to maintain etc)

    do you map the list item with a code ?
    does your properties have a formula ?
  • Hi nathan,

    i have a property as email id of some store and store is child of city district and state and user wants that emaid id column to be published on dashboard so that he can change the mail of one or two store if required. for that reason we neeed to update the list.

    store list is a numbered list and code and email id are properties and dont have formula.

  • but why would you have this email as a property of the list ? Having it in the module is enough
  • @Kanishq17 


    You shouldn't publish the grid view of the list to a dashboard as you can't hide fields (code, etc).  It would be best to do what @nathan_rudman stated and not have the properties on the list, but rather have them in one spot, a module, and publish that.



  • we dont have the option to hide while publishing the list grid view.

  • i have published the module view but how to update the list properties bcz list has been used in other module and need the updated list in all the module in which the list is updated. So basically the question is how to update the list.


  • @saurav4ss 


    Follow what @nathan_rudman stated and don't use list properties, only line items in a module.

  • Hi @saurav4ss 

    I have to strongly agree with @nathan_rudman and @rob_marshall that you have to change your design of storing the properties in the list itself and instead add these properties to a system module dimensioned by that List. Like this example.


    I do question though why are we allowing users to change properties of a list? generally, these values are constants.