Synchronize selection not properly working on opening dashboard for the first time.



I have been experiencing some issues with the synchronization selection part in Anaplan Dashboards, explained as under


The above screenshot shows the year selected as FY19 , even when synchronization is on, only three specific months are visible. This happens first time the dashboard is opened.




The above screenshot is when you re-select the same year or any other year from the same dropdown.

Synchronize selection is on all the time on 'Time'.


Can someone explain the possible reason behind this and how this can be corrected? Have been experiencing the same issue with some other models as well.


Any help would be appreciated.


Aakash Sachdeva



  • Hi @aakash ,


    Create a system module with time scale - "year" and  keep Time Dimension in page panel and publish  page selector to the Dashboard.




    In your module create one line item Month set as boolean format and write formula as TRUE then create saved view with month filter and publish to the dashboard and sync with Time in the Edit Dashboard. please see the below screenshot






    Hope , It will help you.




  • @aakash ,


    Let me ask you a crazy question, is the first month of your fiscal year May?  If so, the reason it is defaulting to May, June, and July is those are the first months of the first quarter of the initial year.  To get around this, while not elegant, is to have the user specify the year in a previous dashboard, thus the above dashboard is not the the first one seen and then the system will respect the year chosen and will render all of the months.


    Hopefully I understood your question,



  • Hi @Rob ,


    Thanks for the help. Fiscal year starts from Nov and is it possibly because somewhere in the app, quarter 3 is selected as default and the dashboard shows 'FY 19' selected but it is not really used unless we select it again?




  • @aakash ,


    Yes, that is possible.  Somewhere you have Q3 selected and it is defaulting to that, which is odd.  And when you refresh the dashboard, it renders correctly on the dashboard, all 12 months?



  • @Rob

    The dashboard doesn't reflect correctly even after refreshing. One needs to re-select the same year or any different year from the same drop-down, to display all twelve months.



  • @aakash ,


    When you published the dashboard element or view, did you publish it with the filter already "on" and if so, was there a formula on the filter?  For example, when you publish the view, the filter should be on, pointing to the SYS Time Filters module for all months.  But, the formula for that line item should be TRUE (so no logic, just true).  After it has been published, go back to the SYS Time Filters module and replace the TRUE with the actual logic.



  • @aakash 


    Also, you might want to look at this post from @einas.ibrahim if the above does not work.