Edit list items in UX ( Boards/Worksheets)


Hi, is it possible to edit list items in Boards/Worksheets ? For example, I have added an item in a list by using a form but i made a mistake on the name of the element. How can I correct it?


  • If you currently have the display name as an editable field in a list property, I would recommend changing that to make that property to having a formula that is pointing to a line item in a module that would be editable. That way the editable display name can be in a module, linked to a property that is the display name and displayed on a board or worksheet in NUX.



  • anikdas

    Hi @gabriela_profir 


    You have the option to perform list item name change from a worksheet (currently, I don't think this option is there on board pages). 

    • Right click on the list item which you would want to rename. You will see an option of Rename

    Screenshot 2020-06-11 at 9.21.39 AM.png

    • Click on Rename and you will get a dialog box to change the list item name

    Screenshot 2020-06-11 at 9.21.47 AM.png


    Hope this helps

  • anikdas

    Hi @gabriela_profir 

    Did this solve your question - please let me know.

  • Hi Anik,


    I just try your method, but this will also change the name of the list in anaplan model as well. How can we edit names in New UX, without affecting the naming in the underline models? Thank you!

  • What you are requesting is not possible as all the modelling data is held in the underlying model. The UX is simply a tool to display this data.
  • Thank you for your reply. Yeah, no one want to hear the word "impossible" even though I keep saying that with my end users as well : ). I think this is a big limitation for Anaplan. I know the data and formula for a line item or list should be tie from anaplan model to new ux. But for naming things, it should be flexible as other powerful tools like python, R, as well. Something seems quick simple to realize in Excel, but turns to be impossible in Anaplan and New UX. That's bit sad.

  • @x4uhaj 

    Why is it important that the names are retained in the model?

    You could allow users to update the names but store the original name within a list property. This would allow you to reconcile back to the original name if required. 

    However, this would require all list items to have a unique code which must remain unchanged. 

  • So the reason is because many models sharing the same list across diff scenerios, say this group of users want to change the name from "apple" to "appl", but the other users want to keep it as it is. (These two group are from diff teams so they have their own preference for reporting and display purpose) What can we do under this situation? Thank you!

  • The first suggestion would be to rationalise your metadata and standardise it. Do not allow different names. Change is a process but teams will adapt. 

    A new planning model if significant should be accompanied by a detailed and widespread change management project to ensure that these issues are dealt with and that chances of successful adoption is maximised.  
    What you are suggesting would cause significant data integrity issues as there would be a lack of consistency across the organisation and would inevitably cause confusion.
    Therefore, I believe it is not possible within Anaplan to allow list items to possess multiple names for these very reasons.