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A question on the line item Reorder Flag? Do we need to end Future Ending Inventory line item to calculate Reorder Flag? I used the formula below but doesn't pull up the correct result, can anyone please suggest?

IF Ending Inventory < 0 THEN OFFSET(Shipping Time Weeks, 2, 0) ELSE 0





  • Thanks Misbah, made sense but still kind of figuring out. Here is what I used :

    OFFSET(Shipping Time Weeks, -Ending Inventory, -1) and also in the instructions it says Re-order flag needs to be a Boolean..Any suggestions?

  • Misbah



    It would have been great had you not shared the exact formula. I was kind of hoping he figure it out on his own. By sharing the formula it doesn't help them in any way.


    Please Do Not Share the Formula.

  • @Misbah  



    I just restructured the formula written by him with respect to the requirement stated, unaware whether its right or wrong.


    I surely got your intent ,will follow it going ahead.




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    Thanks for understanding. Remember we are here to help others understand the logic. construct, syntax and the way of writing the formula and not to help them just pass the test.


  • Thank You so much, not sure if this a test question but part of activity so I reached out to the community..

  • @Sangya  


    Is the issue resolved now..?



  • Yes and Thanks Again!!



    You are Welcome.could you mark my response as a solution for future reference?

  • Ptobar

    Could you explain the reasoning for last part of the formula. I get the offset function but not why we need to end it with < 0?


    OFFSET(Ending Inventory, Shipping Time Weeks, 0) < 0

  • MI1110
    Thank you @abhi1017 and @Misbah for giving the clarity to be understood the formula, as always @einas.ibrahim said
    "Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime"

    FYI @ Sangya

    "As This Boolean-formatted line item is used to indicate if a reorder is needed to maintain an Ending Inventory value greater than zero. " so we need to offset ending inventory and every order has there own shipping weeks so we should not use hard coding for example number "2" rather than use "Shipping Time Weeks line" and put Z=0.

    I hope this will help you to understand the context . as you already got the formula but we need to understand it for future occurances.