L1MB-Part 8: Data Import For Rev


I'm not able to import the data correctly. The mapping of the columns seem off. I'm trying to use column headers for time but it keeps picking up the first column where it says Volume (See attached). Is this because the way I built the module (see screenshot)?



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  • Misbah
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    What @einas.ibrahim  means is this screen. Change the Header Row to 2, First Data Row will automatically be pushed to 3. That's the only change you have to make on this screen. 


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  • Hi @Kevinc107 


    welcome to Level 1.


    First, the way a module is built has no effect on importing data into the module. 

    If you look at the way you mapped the data, you will see that the first row is empty instead of holding the data headers. 

    In the screen prior to the mapping screen you provided you were asked to determine which row holds the headers and which holds the data. The default is 1 and 2. But obviously the file has the headers at row 2 and the data starting at row 3.

    you need to fix that and then mapping will be a straight forward exercise.

  • Hi @Kevinc107 


    When you load file  to Anaplan, there is a section where you have to set the header row and first data row, i.e you need to change header row to 2 so that it aligns with the column headers of your import file, then mapping can be done as per requirement

  • Thanks all. That helped.