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Hi Team,


A user has just started receiving a strange Pop-Up when they use Data - Import when within a Module


Normally you start with the Select Source pop-up and move to the mapping items etc while this has no mapping items etc


Is this due to access levels?




 User Upload Pop-Up



Normal Upload Pop-Up


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  • ben_speight
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    If you're not an admin in that workspace then you can only run existing imports, to which your role provides access.


  • Misbah



    That's strange.


    I was thinking that it might have been because the admin who had uploaded this file had kept it Private file and now When the file was no longer available Anaplan asks you to upload new file - but that is not the case. I tested it and it is not displaying any such pop up for me.

  • well that's interesting !


    hidden functionality just discovered ? 

    can you confirm this happens in all modules ? or just one ?

  • @nathan_rudman  & @Misbah this error occurs only in that module (as far as I can tell) but other modules receive the below error. This is strange because the Users have access to all Actions




  • so used to being admin we don't even recognize it !
  • Thanks @ben_speight 


    It's a little strange that it allows you to select the Import from the module etc as a non Workspace-Admin user. Would be a product improvement to remove that functionality I think


    Below is what I could find on Anapedia regarding Importing as a non Workspace Admin