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We are looking to use the anaplan api with one of our ETL tools which allows us to setup a connection using a rest connection, however it's looking for a WADL. Is this something that exists or will we need to create this ourselves.


Thanks D0nmac 

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  • @D0nmac 

    Which ETL tool are you using?

    If it's Informatica, Dell Boomi, Mulesolft they have built in connectors to Anaplan.

    Otherwise, I believe you'll need to use an ETL tool that accept JSON for most of the actions in Anaplan. Python example below.

    To export data from Anaplan, the data will come as CSV or Text.

    You can read all about the API endpoints and formatting here:


    Available Files:

    [ {
      "id" : "113000000000",
      "name" : "Forecast_Group.txt",
      "chunkCount" : 0,
      "delimiter" : "\"",
      "encoding" : "ISO-8859-1",
      "firstDataRow" : 2,
      "format" : "txt",
      "headerRow" : 1,
      "separator" : "\t"
    }, {
      "id" : "113000000001",
      "name" : "Region.txt",
      "chunkCount" : 1,
      "delimiter" : "\"",
      "encoding" : "ISO-8859-1",
      "firstDataRow" : 2,
      "format" : "txt",
      "headerRow" : 1,
      "separator" : ","
  • Hey @JaredDolich 


    The company wants to try and standardise our ETL as much as possible so we want to try and use SAP Data services, to do out of teh box configuration it looks for a WADL file which I can generate but before spending the time doing it  I just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed a premade one somewhere.


    Thanks a lot D0nmac

  • Thats brilliant thants for your help.

    Cheers d0nmac