Quiz Time: Test Your Knowledge About the Extensions and Learn Whilst Having Fun!


This is the quiz we ran at the UK&I virtual user group in June. For customers who are part of the group, the recording of the session will soon be available. This was a fun session and the top 5 participants won some Anaplan swag 🎁

It couldn't be simpler:

  1. Read the question and select your answer(s).
  2. Click on the spoiler to uncover the correct answer(s).
  3. Count your points and tell us your final score in the comments. Note that you only get a point for a question if you have all the correct answers.

Please note that the answers are correct at the time of publishing.

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Question 1: Which extensions do Anaplan offer on General Availability? (several answers)

Microsoft Excel
 Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word
 Microsoft Outlook
 Google Sheets
 Google Slides

Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint add-ins.
Note that our Google Sheets add-on is on Early Access at the moment.

👆Remember to count your points, there is no "submit" button at the end of the quiz. Note that you only get a point for a question if you have all the correct answers.

Question 2: Which stats are correct about productivity tools? (several answers)

800 million Excel users in the world
30 million PowerPoint presentations created daily
180 million users of Google Sheets
400 Anaplan customers using an add-in
Thousands of Anaplan add-in users

All, this is impressive, isn't it?

Question 3: Which benefits do the extensions bring to customers? (several answers)

Save time in report preparation
Create reports in a specific Excel/PowerPoint/Word/PDF format
Increase reporting quality
Save time for other people in the organisation
 Use the modelling capabilities from Excel
Do ad-hoc analysis
Share Anaplan data more easily
Lower learning curve

All, learn more on this page. These are lots of good reasons to get started just like our Master Anaplanner @Alessio_Pagliano explains it in this blog post.

Question 4: Which functionalities are available in the latest version of the Excel add-in (3.4)? (several answers)

Connect to a saved view or module and pivot/filter
Proxy settings
Log in with SSO or email/password
Keep Excel formulae when refreshing a connection
Create multiple sheets from one single connection based on the page selectors
Refresh one sheet at a time, multiple worksheets or the entire workbook
Read-only and read/write connections

All, look at demo videos or read our online user guide for more details.

Question 5: Which functionalities are available in the latest version of PowerPoint add-in (1.6)? (several answers)

Connect to a saved view
Log in via SSO or email/password
Create charts
Read/Write connection
Create tables
Create text components

All but read/write connections as PowerPoint is used for presentation purpose i.e. read-only connections.

Question 6: What is the name of our monthly blog post about the extensions? (one answer)

The newsletter
The paper
The gazette
The bulletin
The mag

The bulletin. Check out our latest edition!

Question 7: Which functionalities from the Idea Exchange are in the roadmap for the extensions? (several answers)

Remap a connection to another model
VBA functions to refresh the data
Add-in security settings
Multiple connections per sheet
Change authentication method in the add-in
Manage metadata via the Excel
 Google Sheets add-on

- Remap a connection to another model
- Add-in security settings
- Change authentication method in the add-in
- Google Sheets add-on
Check out the latest update on ideas in the May bulletin, or post your suggestions and vote for others directly in the Idea Exchange.

Question 8: Where can I give feedback about the extensions? (several answers)

Idea Exchange for suggestions
 Extensions feedback group on Community
Organise a call with the Product Manager
Anaplan Support

Post your suggestions on the Idea Exchange, join our feedback group on Community (your request to join will be approved quickly) or talk directly to the Product Manager @MagaliP .
Tickets raised with Anaplan Support are also taken into account by the Product Team but are not considered as a proper feedback channel.

Question 9: What else did we publish on Community over the last two months? (several answers)

 Best practices
Version information pages with links to release notes and user guides
A Master Anaplanner blog post about the Excel add-in
Demo videos
Benefits of the extensions and use case information
Single place on Community to access Anapedia user manuals, forum topics, downloads and idea exchange posts about the extensions

All but the templates and training, but this is coming. All the information is accessible through our one-stop-shop on Community.

Question 10: What are the calls to action after this quiz? (several answers)

Visit the extensions one-stop-shop in Community, read the bulletin and Master Anaplanner blog post and explore the different sections
Play with the extensions, see if they can help resolve your Monday morning or month-end reporting nightmare
Subscribe to the sections to be alerted by email when new content is posted

All but lunch. Unless it's time for lunch and you can get the point 👍

How much did you score?

    • Post your result in the comments 👇
    • Give us kudos if you liked the quiz and learnt from it
    • Tell us what you think, which question was the most difficult and if you would like more quizzes about Anaplan in the future
    • Let us know if you were at the UK&I virtual user group and post your Anaplan swag when you receive it if you have won
    • Ready for another quiz? Test your knowledge of strategic planning with this other quiz from @KayneSchwarz 

A big thank you to all the customers who took part in the quiz at the UK&I virtual forum and congratulations to the winners 🙏


  • @MagaliP 

    7 of 10.

    Missed #6, #7 (was hoping VBA was on the list), and #9 (thought I remember seeing templates somewhere, but I guess not).

    Fun. thanks for creating this. Is it too late to add an article about an office add-in use case?

  • MagaliP

    Well done, you would have won Swag at our UK&I virtual forum with this score!

    • VBA --> Moved to "under investigation"
    • Templates --> There is a section ready but it says "coming soon", let's have a chat and had some of your templates to it!

    No, it's not too late, let me know if you would like to write an article.

  • @MagaliP

    6 out of 10.

    This is fun and learning.

    Interesting way to learn and gauge ourselves. Thanks for posting the quiz.

  • MagaliP

    Well done for the score, and glad you enjoyed it! 👍