Referring General List properties into a Module


Can you provide some help here? My requirement is to create a General list and populate the data of list properties into another module. 

I set up a General List ' comp_pro_po' and uploaded the data file into it. Then I created a module 'Comp Incoming PR/PO' with and refer the General List 'comp_pro_po'. I don't see  the data from the list get populated in the module.  Can you help to identify what I am missing here?








  • Hi @praba71 

    In order to reflect data in the module, you need to link the line item to the list property by formula. You will start seeing the values then.


    However, I have one question - by your design there is duplication of properties in the list and in the module. By best practice, it is advisable to keep the list properties in a module and not in both the places. Please relook at the design.

  • Thanks @anikdas for the quick reply. If I use a formula, then the values are not editable ,right? I want the values to get populated from General list and at the same time, editable also.

    Can you please throw more light on the approach you are suggesting? (keeping list properties in a module)




  • If you need the values in the module to be editable, then you will need to configure an import to bring the values and not link by formula.

    The approach i was suggesting is as follows:

    • Create the list items from the data file like you are doing now but get rid of the list properties from the list
    • In the module that you have created, configure another import to get the properties against the list items from the same file
    • It will remain editable in the module as you are not linking by formula
  • @anikdas  Thanks for the reply.

    So, I will be having two imports now. 

    1) Importing the list items into the General list.ex. in my use case, I will be importing Req Line ID from my data file. The data file will have only one column.

    2) Importing the properties of the list items into the module. The import file will have the list items and their properties. i.e. The data file will have Req Line ID in the first column and the properties in other columns. Sample file attached.


    Please confirm my understanding is correct.




  • @praba71  You can use the same file to configure both the import actions. In the first action, do not map the property columns (as you will not be keeping properties in the list anyways).

    Yes, you will have two imports

  • hi @praba71 

    you need to refer the line items with the list property to get the values, dimensions of the module and list are same , so you can directly refer the property of the list in the line item to get its value, you havent referred any property from your list as I can see in  the blueprint of the module


  • Hi @praba71 


    your requirement is very common and we have a best practice to implement it.

    Please use the steps @anikdas mentioned, including properties in a list is not best practice and we are moving away from doing so.


    Let me ask you...

    1. How often do you need to upload/update that list? is it a one-time thing or something that will occur frequently?
    2. Are you using a datahub?
    3. Is this list a part of a hierarchy?

    If you need further detailed steps on how to do the imports and then create an action to combine everything -so you perform one action, please let me know and I'll be happy to walk you through it.


  • @anikdas  thanks for the reply.

  • @einas.ibrahim  thanks for the response,


    We will be uploading the datafile once in a day to update the list, We are using Anaplan APIs to load the datafile.No, this list is not part of any hierarchy, 

    I will reach out for more details, if needed.


    Thanks again