Anaplan Connect Batch Script - States Operation is Successful yet no data loaded to list




I'm having issues where an anaplan connect import batch script, runs stating "The operational was successful. Name of  List:  3515 <0/3515> rows successful, 0 ignored.  (It always uses 3515, even thought there may be 90 records in the load file.)


I've reviewed the Anaplan Connect document which outlines some possible reasons for the file to not load and tried out the suggestions quotes, escape characters, to no avail.  The file does get loaded to the Anaplan server as I can see it as a source.


Here is the source operation variable I'm using:  set SourceOperation= -certificate %certificatepath% -file "%InputFile%" -put "%put%" -import "Action Name" -execute


When I review the command during run time, the values are %certificatepath%, %InputFile%, and %put% are appropriately filling in.   I've tried using -debug and -output, and am not seeing anything obvious in the output. 


The input file is a .csv file that is semi-colon separated (semi-colon is designated in the file to list mapping).


When I choose a file to import manually in Anaplan (throught the action the script is calling), there are no issues loading the data into the list. 


Any other thoughts, as to why the script runs, the file is uploaded to Anaplan but not into the list.


Thank you, Robin

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  • rob_marshall



    It turns out the file that was being uploaded needed to be the same name that was tied to the original action.  Once we uploaded the file with the correct name, the action worked as desired.






  • Hi Robin,


    This is a great question.


     @rob_marshall would you be able to help Robin?

  • Robin,

    Let's try one thing first.  Remove the parameter to run the action from the script, so essentially, the script is just uploading the file.  Run the script and then run the action manually.  If that works, then you may have something wrong with the calling of the action.  If that is the case, make sure you all of the double quotes and single quotes are in the correct spot.  You should have one double quote at the beginning and then at the end.  Single quotes are in the middle.


    Operation="-file 'My Source.txt' -put 'data/My Source.txt' -import 'My Module from My Source.txt' -execute -output 'data/My Errors.txt'"


    Let me know if this helps,



  • Hi Rob,


    I seem to be having the same issue as the case above, and tried all the steps but still getting the same issue. (The operation seems to be successful but the new data is not imported to Anaplan). 


    The file that I am trying to import is a dummy data with just one line, but I get the message that <0/4671> rows were successful. I also tried to import the dummy data manually but still doesn't work.


    Could you kindly give me another suggestions apart from the ways mentioned in the replies above?


    Thank you and best regards,


  • rkrisher

    Hi Rumi,


    This is very similar to what I had issues with. In your comment "The file that I am trying to import is a dummy data with just one line, but I get the message that <0/4671> rows were successful.", this sounds like the Datasource that was built within Anaplan was built with a different file name.


    Key points:

    • You have 1 record in your import.
    • The message says 0/4671.
    • The file it is importing has 4671 records in it.  Obviously, not the 1 record file.

    This indicates the datasource may be the problem.  The datasource used in Anaplan and in the Anaplan Connect script need the same name.  If the name changes, then you need to remap the datasource.



    • Import Action is created and maps to file Import_Data_File_201702.txt
    • Anaplan Connect script is loading a datasource called Import_Data_File_201703.txt. 
    • Upon running the script, the script uploads the Import_Data_File_201703.txt file to Anaplan. When it goes to perform the import, it is going to re-load the data in the 201702 file as the 201703 file is of a different name (datasource).
    • To ensure the names stay constant, you'll want to make a generic datasource name (one that does not change) and reuse that as the import datasource.  If you look at the example above, and would have used the a generic datasource such as Import_Data_File.txt, the import should have worked.

    Let me know if this doesn't make sense,