Lookup date in a module




Learning anaplan and am looking for options to do below without using list for lookup in the module . Not sure if there is a simple calculation within module that will help me implement  below

In the module today we have  Status Date and Completion as line items. If we have to populate new line item ( Start  date & End date) on rows with 'Done' as completion , how can I do that. To populate start date I need to look up a different row in the module to get status date, wondering how I can do this with look up in a module. 





  • Hello @reachraj 


    It is not clear what is your question.

    Assuming you wanted to calculate status based on the dates provided and today's date, You can calculate the status based on the dates, the status will be a list formatted line item and you can define the rules for the status list in a seperate system module. You need to maintain today's date in a system module as well.





  • Hi @reachraj 


    1. As of now, Anaplan doesn't have a function that returns today's date.
    2. I am not sure the design of your module is the most optimum. Consider having 2 modules dimensioned by the same list (say Project ID), One will hold The project properties - static values- such as Name, Start Date and End Date and the other to hold the multiple statuses of the project (project ID, Date, Status).
    3. Looking up a line item from the same module is the same as reading from a different module, you just don't need to provide another module name before the name of the line item you are referencing. LineItem[LOOKUP: LOOKUP Value), but I don't think it's needed with a thought out design.