Level 2 : Sprint 3 : Activity: Build the Product Replenishment Dashboard - AD02


Hello - I am trying to make the Access driver for the dashboard. For this I created the AD02 module with line items as described. Following this I added the formula on the line items and finally, I controlled the access to the fields through a combination of read and write and kind of got the results that is described in the Week1, Week2, Week3 & Week 4. Is this the right approach ? I am confused as I am not able to relate to the formula tips, which says as below. What does this mean exactly? Should the access drivers formula have formulas that are related to other fields ? 


When writing Override Shipping and Override Amount line items, make sure those Boolean are TRUE (checked)
when Submit Purchase Order Request and Override Shipping Method are TRUE (checked) AND when Submit Purchase Order Request and Override Amount are TRUE (checked)








  • Thank you Nivetha, this was very helpful for me as well because I also could not figure out what the instructions mean and how to translate it into formulas. 



  • Hi @Nivetha 


    If I go with the approach you are suggesting in the attachment, like only to give access driver write access for 

    1) submit PO req

    2) Override Amount

    3) override method


    then I am not getting the desired result as it was demanded in DB i.e only if my: Submit PO Req" gets selected then only rest of the below line items to be visible. But going by the settings suggested by you makes them visible as shown in attachment " Access driver 01" But the desired View needed is "Access Driver 02".

  • Hi @Nivetha 


    Attaching the examples of mine DB through which I can achieve the desired result but then not getting results in my monthly column.

    1) My example - This shows the desired result I get by having the settings shown in "My example access driver setting" which is not aligned to your file. But the highlight section shows that I am not getting the result if I apply setting as in "My eg access driver setting". How to go about it?

    2) My example summary setting: This shows the applied summary settings for the said line items.


    I am confused now as if I go by your instruction I am not getting the desired result, If I go by my logic I get the desired result but then missing on my monthly values as they are linked to my access driver settings. 

    Please help me where I am doing a mistake.

    @Misbah  @einas.ibrahim 


  • Hi @kunal_311 


    I know the reason why the data is not showing in the monthly aggregations (ex Jan 20, Feb 20,....)

    and it has to do with the summary method for the Read / Write line items in the access driver module AD02.


    This is a simple example of an AD module ( I don't have access to my actual L2 model)



    Both Read? and Write? are booleans. Boolean default Summary method is NONE
    That's why there is a "NONE" value in the aggregate value Q1 FY20, Q2 FY20...etc


    When we add a DCA to a line item in a target module - INV01 in your case - we can think of the way it works as follows

    1. When the value is being calculated for line Item X in the target module, the model/engine checks the Read / Write access values in the AD module for the exact intersection as in the target module.
    2. When it checks for Week 1 FY20 for the write, for example, it'll see that it's TRUE so it'll allow the line item for this particular intersection or "Cell" to have write access.
    3. The same goes for Week 2-4
    4. When we come to the cell of Jan FY20 in the target module, the model/engine will check the AD module for the same intersection/cell and finds... NOTHING, since the default aggregation for boolean is NONE as I said above.

    That should explain why you are getting blank or NONE in the monthly cells in the INV01.


    How do we fix that?

    1. We have to decide when do we want to read/write values for aggregate values such as Jan FY20? 
    2. There are 2 main ways to aggregate booleans
      • ANY - which means if any of the values that aggregate to the summary level (Jan FY20 in our case) is TRUE, then the summary value should be TRUE (this is similar to the logical operator OR).
      • ALL - which means only if all the values that aggregate to the summary level is TRUE, then the summary value should be TRUE (this is similar to the logical operator AND)..
    3. This will allow the monthly cells in the AD module to have values according to the summary method of the boolean. When the model/ engine is reading the permission for the month cell, it'll respond accordingly.

    There is an article written by @DavidSmith on the DCA subject that explains the DCA use and aggregation methods much better than I did. I suggest you read it here.

    Also, there is a 15-minute video training on the subject available here.

    There is also an app walkthrough by David as well where he explains the DCA using a sample model from the App Hub but I can't find it now when I do, I'll add the link to this post.


    DCA is an involved topic, so if you feel you still have any questions or further explanation, please let me know.

  • Hi @einas.ibrahim 


    Thank you so much, Was stuck in this for quite some time now, I know this concept but was not looking in the right direction. I can now link it very clearly.

    I have one simple confusion if you can help me with that.

    Review File -  This was given in course to review my JAN & MAR month & week data are perfect but problem is with FEB month an week data. Desired highlighted in Red

    MY DB File -  The green highlighted part is matching & Red part is not matching.


    Checked the DEM03 forecast value as we are referencing that module line item final forecast in INV01Forecast demand line item.'DEM03 Demand Forecast'.Final Forecast

    Updating Media

    Have i missed som

     I missed something


  • Hi @kunal_311 


    Just to clarify - to anyone reading this in the future-, The screenshots you provided are for the SKU Nutzo Bar_EN, correct?

    You didn't tell me what you found when you checked DEM03? were the numbers not matching? (I doubt it)

    Generally speaking, when you have an issue with a "cell" value, the way to "debug" it is by:

    1. Checking the formula 
      • This line item value is dependant on DEM03 Demand Forecast'.Final Forecast which in turn dependant on Baseline Forecast and Growth Rate %
      • If any of these "input values" is different from the values in the example provided then the end result won't match. This is not an error in modeling.
    2. Using the Drill Down (F8)
      • The Drill Down is a powerful feature of Anaplan (to modelers and users alike).
      • The number in question is composed of/ the aggregation of many other values, in this case, the demand forecast of this particular SKU for All Accounts


    Use one or both of these debugging methods to find out the reason for the disparity in numbers. This method should be helpful in future cases as well.

  • Hi @einas.ibrahim 


    I use the drill-down feature and I drilled it down till DAT03 Historic volumes & SYS01 Module but not able to find the root cause as to why only FEB month has discrepancies & not other months.

    As you said the values are matching in DEM03 with that of the Product replenishment DB i.e 2099 but in Desired DB the value is 2146(Can be seen in trail messages Pictures attached).

    My values are matching with your Drill down option till whatever it can be seen.


    Trying to explain the Formula activity by not giving much information on the formula:


    1) Baseline Forecast -  If sys01 has 1st forecast year(i.e 2020) then offset DAT03 volumes for 1 st forecast year else offset default forecast by a year(-52),  In our case FEB 2020 week 5 comes under 1st forecast year so DAT03 volumes offset takes place. i.e 2019(as can be seen in DEM03)


    2) Growth Rate% -  Referring DEM02 module for Growth% line item(attached file) looking in the sys08 product family. The growth % is imported by an excel provided in Course which have correct values



  • Hi @kunal_311 

    I want to make sure you labeled the screenshots in your very first post about the issue correctly.
    Are you saying the training number for the Feb 20 weeks is 2146 while your number is 2099?

    Please confirm before I go on. The screenshot from my course material - below- shows that the expected number is 2099!

  • Hi @einas.ibrahim 


    I think there is some printing mistake in Course, Even my INV Review screen shows the value as 2099, but when we review the Product Build DB they are the same number for FEB month changes to 2146. which leads to confusion.

    I was stuck in this for 4 days, as I used all drill-down method but didn't find anything wrong.


    Review Screen of "Review the INV01 Line Item Formulas and Summary Method settings"



    Review Screen for Product Replenishment DB