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1) Mapping Tab: I am confused as to what to insert in the time tab as in the course structure it was clearly given whether we want to import it as an actual or forecast data. But here whether to choose fixed time or Ask each time import is run?

2) Line Item tab: How to go back and check the target items having product family contains family code as that of the source file?


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  • Kanishq17
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    hi @kunal_311 

    So system modules are created as per the requirement, time system modules are created to create time based filtering attributes which can be then used throughout the model where time is used as dimension , so time system module will contain only time and line item as dimensions


    System modules related to lists are crated to hold attributes pertaining to that list , so they use only that list as a dimension



  • Hi @kunal_311,


    1) In principle, these system modules (in which you can keep attributes of a dimension) are flat modules, they do not have Versions, or Time. Therefore, your SYS06 Product Details, should only have P2 Products list, and Line Items. 


    2) You can check the codes on the P1 Product Family list. I am not sure completely if this is what you meant with the question?


    Please let me know if something is not clear or you have more questions! 

  • Hi Kunal,


    Seems there is some gap in understanding the requirement.

    As @filip.sypniewski ,System modules are flat modules, they do not have Versions, or Time.

    You can populate the linitems in system module SYS06 product details by using formula.(Hint: Use the list dimensioned in the module)


    I guess the data set you are trying to import to is meant to be imported in other module that has to be created/already present.


    Kindly check once or share a screenshot to get a better picture of the requirement.




  • hi @kunal_311 

    1. System modules must be dimensioned by only the list of which it needs to contain the data , you do not need time as a dimension in this module where you are loading from the flat file, use only products list as the dimension

    as you can see in the source file, no time is there so in the target module also you do not need time as a dimension



    2. it will load code of the product family against each product and that line item intersection as per the mapping, then to identify the product family of the product, you can use finditem function.



  • Hi filip.sypniewski,
    Appreciate for quick response.
    1) It means i need to create the SYS06 Product Details system module again before importing any data inside it.
    2) understood the solution.
    Please acknowledge if my understanding is correct.
  • Hi Kanishq17,
    Just to understand this more, since all system modules are flat modules few of them can have time/version as a dimension
    eg - Time System module contains Time as a dimension.
    Product Details module contain products line item as a dimension and not time.
    is this understanding correct?
  • Hi @kunal_311,


    1) You can simply remove Time dimension in the blueprint of the module, no need to create new one.

    2) Great!


    Let me know if you still have some questions.