Turning the status of subset list ON without import




In a module with the dimensions of product list which has a subset and line item of sales amount,

only if the sales amount of a product item is not zero, is it possible to turn the status of subset list ON not using import function?


Thanks and regards,

Maki Yasuda





  • Egor

    Hi Maki,


    If I understand it correctly - you are asking if it possible to enter a formula for a subset checkbox in your product list:

    Product Sales Module ExampleProduct Sales Module ExampleProduct List ExampleProduct List Example

    Unfortunately it is not possible to enter a formula for a subset. Import is the only way to adjust it, apart form manually changing a value. However you could make users' life easier by adding the import Action to a Process that influences your Product Sales module data. That way whenever you update sales data - the subset list will be updated automatically, also while the product sales data does not change - subset will stay as it is.