Anaplan CA Certificate: Are Sectigo a supported CA?


There's a guide here on procuring a CA Certificate from Sectigo:


However Sectigo aren't on this list. Supported Root certificates:


I'm wondering if the second link isn't up-to-date? Are Sectigo a supported CA?


  • Hi,

    it is supported, we already used:





  • Thanks! For the setup of the certificate did you follow the same guide and have the same configuration as in the link I posted?

  • Yes, the same link
  • Hi @ABerenguela,


    Would you mind to share which options did you select/choose when requesting the Sectigo CA certificate?


    Advanced Security Options
    Cryptographic Service Provider:
    Hashing Algorithm:
    Is Private Key 'User-Protected'?
    Is Private Key 'Exportable'?


    Thanks in advance,