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What is the best way, without Anaplan Connect, to change the current period?

I'm creating a process that the end user will run to refresh all do I add changing the current period to this process?

I thought I remembered that it couldn't be done.....but can't find the info now....if it can't be done in a process....what's the best practice for doing the end user access to change...again without using Anaplan Connect?

Thanks so much for any help.



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  • Kanishq17
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    Hi @debbie5154 

    Current period is in time settings which is accessible to only WS Admins, the settings are not editable by non wspace admins, I dont think end user will be given admin access , current period must be changed by development team only

  • JaredDolich
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    Hi @debbie5154 

    @Kanishq17 is correct. Only a workspace admin can change the current period.

    But there are alternatives. For example,  you could create an input module (or system module) that allows someone to change a line item that simulates the current period. From there you can use formulas that reference this line item to determine the current period. Works great.

    Candidly, I know a lot of people do it this way because you can also change the line item from outside of Anaplan, like on a scheduler. I know that's not what you want to do, so for now you can just drop that line item on a dashboard and you'll be all set.

  • einas.ibrahim

    It is true that only those with a WS Admin can change the Current Period.

    That is not the reason why a process via Anaplan connect can't change the Current Period. For scheduled processes, you need to create a "user" to run these processes and you can designate this user as a WS admin.

    The reason why you can't change the Current Period through a process is that there isn't any function/ formula or "non-manual" way to change it.


    The way we have implemented this through a process is similar to what @JaredDolich described in his reply.


    This is a Best Practice post about automating the time setting of a model. It explains how to deal with automating Current Period towards the end of the post