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I am facing an issue in my dashboards. As soon as I have changed the time ranges created that were applied in different modules on opening of the new budget cycle.Certain tables that were published have disappeared and some tables that were published with time ranges in columns have got updated with new time ranges whereas others have not.


This has left me highly confused on how to publish my dashboards having time ranges displayed in columns (whether with a saved view or by hiding manually on the dashbaoards) so that when the next year the new cycle is opened the tables are updated automatically. Please guide me with best practices to follow with this respect.


Thanking you in advance.



  • Hi @CommunityMember131357 


    I believe all you are seeing is caused by time synchronization.

    So let's take the issues one at a time.


    The normal behavior is that when you change the time selection anywhere in the model, the change will be reflected everywhere in the rest of the model unless you have applied a  time filter to a module/chart. In this case, the module/chart will respect the filter settings


    1. What is the behavior you are expecting when you open the dashboard?
    2. What is the Time Synchronization Setting for the grids that "disappear"? You can find that info as in the screenshot below.


  • Misbah



    It depends how have you published your grids on the dashboard. If you have used Hide/Show in some of the grids then those grids will not be updated automatically. Make sure that you have Dynamic Time Filters applied only without Show/Hide.

  • Hi @Misbah 


    Dashboard 1.JPGDashboard 2.JPG


    I have these two tables published on dashboards by creating saved views in the module. How do you suggest me to publish them so that they get updated with the changed time ranges automatically and we do not have to be publish them repeatedly again.


    FYI: We have time range in column then the line items in column and brands in rows. 


    Thanks in advance.


  • Misbah



    Correct me if I am wrong. 


    Your second module must be updated dynamically whereas first module ain't. That is because you have created subsidiary views within a module and used Show/Hide to pull off that kind of view. 


    Is there any chance that you can take the reporting line items out of the module and show that in a separate module just next to it as it doesn't change with time. And apply Time filter on COGS line item which will be dynamic in nature



  • @Misbah , thankyou for your response.

    No, as you can see in the image the second table is also not updated automatically with FY21 months ie. July20 to jun21.

    With respect to First table yes these are subsidiary views but I can not create another module for reporting line items. Is there any other way around?
  • Misbah



    Unfortunately No. As long as you are using Show/Hide you will have to republish it in Yearly Rollover Process

  • @Misbah

    okay.. Thanks..

    Can you please also help me understand how do we create such a view by sorting such that we get the summmary FY21 first and then the respective months as I am not beingable to replicate it.

    As shown in the first and second image.
  • Hey @CommunityMember131357 


    The reason you can't manipulate the order of the Time is the nested dimension.

    There are a couple of ways you can get to order the Time on the column (Any dimension really)

    1. Pivot the view and remove the line items to page selector or rows - it doesn't matter.
    2. Now that you have a single dimension on the column right-click on any column and chose  Select Items to Show
    3. A popup window will appear where you can select the order you want to show on the column items 
    4. After the columns are ordered as you want, pivot again and add the line items as a nested dimention.


    There is a different way to do 

  • @einas.ibrahim,
    Thanks a lot for this.
  • Anytime.