Planual Explained - Day 25


“Rule 1.03-03": Article 1, Chapter 3, and Rule 3 – “Set a Landing Dashboard by Role”. “Different roles should require a different entry point. Avoid a generic landing page if possible and create a specific dashboard tailored for each role. It goes against NECESSARY elements of PLANS if you wish to go against this rule

Here is how it was done in Pre Planual Era: We used to have only one Landing Dashboard for the entire Anaplan User base.

Let’s say there are two roles in a model i.e., Sales Reps and Sales Managers. There in one specific dashboard for each role. Sales Managers need to have access to both the dashboards whereas Sales Reps need to have access to only one i.e., Sales Rep Dashboard

This is how it looks for Sales Reps when creating only one Landing Dashboard for both the roles


What is wrong with this method?  Look and feel gets compromised. Users may get confused

Here is how it should be done in Planual Way: Create separate landing dashboards for each role that you have in the model. After creating separate landing dashboards this is how the dashboards should look like

Landing Dashboard for Sales Reps:



Landing Dashboard for Sales Managers





  • Hi @Misbah,


    looking and current Anaplan User Experience, I think it is not possible to set landing pages by Role? Please correct me if I am wrong. So indeed it was best practice for old interface.


    Anyway, brainstorming now about best practice of set up of the App by Role. I have many Roles in the model e.g. Sales Team, Procurement Team, Finance Team, Cost Center Managers.

    Now, first of all, it is a **** to restrict access in UX, even though User does not have access to any module published on a page, they still do see this Page, and empty cards. So you need to go to Page by Page and restrict access for Role...


    Then, is it best practice to create separate apps for Roles, or work with this, not user friendly, access restrictions?


    If multiple Apps are created though, it is also not possible to restricts which Apps are seen by which User though...


  • Misbah



    Yes you are right, it is applicable to only Classic dashboarding. There is no concept of Landing Page in NUX because the way NUX works. Planual V2 is WIP and it should be out pretty soon which will include best practices on NUX as well. 


    On Brainstorming part: App is a collection of pages and can come from multiple models. So access at the app level might create confusion. Let's talk about access at the page level because one page will have to have one source model only. All the accesses(Role Level, List Level or Cell Level) will be respected in NUX. If the end user's role doesn't have access to any module published on the Page he will not be able to see any card published on that page but he still will be able to see that page on the main screen of app. So Security is not compromised but Look and feel definitely is.


    Something like this


    Home Page in App


    To counter this I have posted an idea to hide these kind of pages where users don't have access to all cards of the page and hide categories where users don't have access to all pages within the categories.

    Hide the Pages if the User doesn't have access to ... - Anaplan Community


    Is there anything else that you have experienced which is not covered here.


  • one dashboard for all roles was never a thing !