I have a scenario where I have to take a snapshot every week(forecast periods) -max 6 weeks forecast period.



Source Module -Standard Time Scale, Article List, LineItem(which I want to take a snapshot) 

Target Module- Standard Time Scale, Weekly snapshot LIST(Contains list member of Lag 1, Lag 2, Lag3..6), Article List, LineItem(Where the snaps will be stored)


Every week when I run the Action to capture the current week data it has to be in lag 1 always. Lag 1 data should be moving. 


Instance, this week when I'm running the action to copy the data to fixed list member of lag 1. I want the previous week data to be moved to other lags. 


Current Week - Lag 0 (Fixed)

Previous Week- Lag1

A week before Data-Lag2 


I want help on how to move the data from one lag to other lag (Lag is a list member).

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  • Thanks @jasonblinn  . Gave me a good insight into the thought process (about performance) and will try to figure out the solution with the inputs shared.