Planual Explained - Day 26


"Rule 1.04-02": Article 1, Chapter 4, and Rule 2 – “Utilize Show Content On/Off for Different Functional Areas”. “To reduce maintenance, create separate Functional Areas for dashboards and modules (e.g. Reports and Report Modules).  In the Contents tab, turn Show New Content "On" for all dashboard Functional Areas and "Off" for all module Functional Areas.  New dashboards will then be automatically added to the Contents when the role security is updated, but modules will not. 

Here is how it was done in Pre Planual Era: We used to create one functional area for both dashboards and modules.

What is wrong with this method?  By default Anaplan has “Show New Content: On” enabled for all functional areas. The moment new module is added and assigned to the functional area it gets visible in the content panel. Content Panel should only have Dashboards featured for all the functional areas and not the Modules.

Here is how it should be done in Planual Way: Create separate functional area for modules and dashboards and keep Show New Content: On enabled for dashboards and Show New Content: Off enabled for dashboards. This will make sure that you only have Dashboards visible on the content panel every time you add a new dashboard and modules remain out of the Content Panel.


Two Diff Functional Areas