Current period data gets deleted when i change the current period.



I have a weekly module and when change the current period to next week then my previous weeks data gets deleted, how i can keep my previous data and move to the next week?


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  • aishabhy05
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    @sharmagh Are you using customised weekly timescale? If you are using standard timescale you can cross-check that the logics or calculations are not using select: current time period? 


  • @sharmagh 


    Can you show us what you mean? Where are you changing the time period? Screenshots will help

  • @Misbah  

    I can't share the screen shots however, I can try to elaborate a bit more, may be it help you to understand the scenario:


    I am using the Weekly Calendar and Weekly timescale and week 22 as current period

    In my Module A, I am using Time as a page selector (Week 22 selected), List 1 in rows and Line items in Columns .

    there is a raw data storage Module (Module B) from where I am pulling the values in Module A. lets assume my current period is week 22 and when it is over then I need to change my current period to Week 23, to do this I will go to TIME and change the current period to Week 23, the moment i change it, my Week 22nd calculation gets 0 and I wanted to know how can I keep it. 


    Do I need to hard code my Week 22 values before changing the Current Period to Week 23 or is there any simple way for the same.

  • @sharmagh 


    Can you please share the dimensions of both the modules? Also can you please show what is the formula that is written to pull the values from Module B to Module A?