Scatter and Bubble Charts in New UX



Can anyone please provide a working example of how to create a scatter chart  and/or bubble chart in New UX stating all the necessary requirements for the grid (the format , orientation, data type etc. ) ?




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  • prabhu
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    Hi @aakash,


    The purpose of Scatter Chart is to understand the relation between 2 points.


    To Give an Demo, i created a data set.


                     Number of Hours of Workout        Calories Loss
    Person 1                  1.0                                     8.0
    Person 2                  2.0                                     22.0
    Person 3                  3.0                                     35.0
    Person 4                  4.0                                     41.0
    Person 5                  5.0                                     48.0


    This data set help us to understand a correlation between number of hours of workout and calories loss across many persons.




    Step 1:              Create a list ("Persons") and add Persons 1 -> 5, as mentioned above.

    Step 2:              Create a Module with persons as dimensions and 2 number formatted line item (Number of Hours of Workout, Calories Loss).

    Step 3:               Add Values to the module.

    Step 4:               Create an app and a Page in it.




    Step 5:               Choose either board or worksheet.

    Step 6:               Drag chart from the right panel





    Step 7:         Click Configure Chart

    Step 8:         Click View Designer

    Step 9:         Select your module, which we have created earlier.

    Step 10:        Choose the Chart type





    Step 11:





    Based on the data set you have to choose the Line Type.


    Step 12: Design your graph by adding more labels, changing color etc....



  • Misbah
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    Please go through this  Scatter plot and Bubble chart


    I have created a simple Scatter Chart for you. Once you go thru the above link follow these steps

    Create at-least two line items in a module with at-least one dimension. Keep line items in columns and list in rows. Populate the numbers and publish the Scatter Chart.


    Bubble chart is nothing but an added dimension on top of scatter chart.


    Hope this helps




  • Hi @aakash -





    Scatter Chart is used to analyse 2 sets of data series.


    Here is an simple example.


                        Number of Hours of Workout                  Calories Loss
    Person 1                      1.0                                                   8.0
    Person 2                      2.0                                                   22.0
    Person 3                      3.0                                                   35.0
    Person 4                      4.0                                                   41.0
    Person 5                      5.0                                                   48.0



    I have created a module with persons as dimension and 2 number formatted Line items (Number of Hours of Workout, Calories Loss)





    Create a page in NUX

    Step 1: Select board or worksheet.

    Step 2: Drag the chart to the main screen.




    Step 3: Click "Configure chart" and click "View designer" to select your module.




    Step 4: Select the chart type as "Scatter / Bubble"

    Step 5: Select the line type based on analyzing the data set.





    Step 6: read this article to know the purpose of bubble or scatter chart :


    Finally i pictured correlation between Hours of workout and calories burnt.


    You can beautify the graph by adding labels, colors etc...





  • Hi @Misbah and @prabhu 


    Thanks a lot for the help and detailed explanation.