Connecting list to property of other list through module




I have list A with property X and list B. Also I have module where I have list A as dimension and line item. In that line item i need to get data from list b based on property X which i created.


Please may I know how to do that.






  • anikdas

    Hi @Rajasekhar 

    What is the relationship between the property X and list B? Also what is the data that you want to get against the list B?

    If it is a simple find, you can use the below formula to get the item in list B:

    FINDITEM(List B, List A.Property X)



  • hi @Rajasekhar 

    what is the relation between X and List B, is X also present as a property in list B?

  • Thankyou, I had tried that but It didnt work. To tell you on the overall requirement, I have a list(Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 etc) I have line item A boolean formatted. For First TRUE value of A, the data should get copied across all the list items for line item B. 


    I tried First occurence as well, but it doesnt work . So was trying with properties as well.


    Basically if for line item A is true for Stage 2, the value of Stage 2 should get copied to all the values of stages in line item B.


    I have not applicable in my time scale, yet it doesnt work.


  • @Rajasekhar ,


    First, let me ask you why are you using List properties and not a module?  The second piece, what is the format of your "property" linking to the other list because it needs to be list formatted, not text.