Level mismatch on common dimension


i would like to get inventory DOI calculation from module-KPI DOI to module-Inventory ending report. Therefore, i inserted 1 line item call DOI into module-Inventory ending report then put formula as below.


Then i get below error message.



You can refer to attached document for 2 modules blueprint.

Module inventory ending report - Dimension Division L3, Scenario

Module KPI DOI - Dimension division HFM, FX,Report version.


How to match the dimension then retrieve data DOI from module KPI DOI to Inventory ending report?






  • Panji



    in module inventory ending report(3 dimension) and KPI DOI(2 dimension) you have different dimension, if you want get data form different dimension you need to mapping, example (division HFM to division L3). 





  • tz9lawa


    Not too sure you are refer to general list mapping? If you refer to screenshot below, the mapping Division L3 and Division HFM already done.


    So, what is next for the formula?


    thank you


  • Panji



    you need add lookup funtion in your formula and refer to division L3.division HFM





  • Hi @tz9lawa 


    first of all, are you sure you need FX as a dimension and not an attribute?

    Does one division have multiple currencies?


    Now to your main issue .... when you have a Source and a Target module where you want to reference or retrieve a value, you can only use target module line item = Source mosule.Line Item - like the formula you provided - only if all the dimensions of both modules match. 

    When you have a difference in dimensions -like the current case- you have to use the LOOKUP function.


    A basic concept of using the Lookup function is to match the dimension of the source and target modules through mapping. 


    To help you determine this, could you please tell me what are the relationships between you source and Target modules? 

  • tz9lawa


    For source module - KPI-DOI, we do need FX in the dimension to support multiple Fx per country.


    Source module is supporting module to calculate inventory DOI which using Profit & Loss Cogs information for calculation.

    So, source module with dimension division HFM (mainly for financial reporting use), FX, Report version (each backup version)


    Target module is inventory ending balance report to gather all inventory balances from each type of inventory.

    Dimension at Division L3 (mostly use in working module), Scenerio (RF, Budget, Business Plan)

    In order to have complete inventory report, we also need DOI appear in the report.


    Hope above explains. 


  • What’s the relationship between Division HFM and any of the dimensions in the Target module! Is there any Parent child hierarchy ?

    Same question for other dimensions. I see about 6 dimensions im both modules and can’t see the relationships 

    could you please illustrate the desired outcome using Excel?

  • tz9lawa

    Division HFM and DIvision L3 have same parent.


    Kindly refer attached document for relationshipt division HFM and Division L3, desired outcome tab.

  • Hi Alice,  As you mentioned that there exists the mapping, but the hierarchical relationship isn't there, please try making use of the [SUM: Division L3.Division HFM] in the formula.