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I'm working on Level 2, Sprint 3 in Anaplan Training and don't understand how Anaplan ended up with the numbers it did.  The picture above is the provided answers (Review the INV01 Line Item Formulas and Summary Method settings); I'm unclear as to why for W2 FY20 the Forecast Demand is different from the rest of the month's numbers.  Aren't we just supposed to be using Final Forecast from DEM03, and in there every week of the  month should have the same number.





  • @rachelwatsky 


    Yes you are partially right in saying it should have a flat line. It should come from DEM03 Demand Forecast module. Final Forecast Line item. 


    Final Forecast Line item has certain overrides which has to be input in Override Forecast Line item before you move forward. For Example Nutzo Bar_EN on Candyate Account is overridden and the new value is 62 for Week 2 instead of 60 differing by 2. 


    Hope that answers your question


  • Great, thanks Misbah!
  • Need Help - DEM03 Demand Forecast Module


    Unable to understand the final forecast number 62. Tried the formula shown in the training module IF NOT Override? THEN Initial Demand Forecast but gets an error message as invalid.


    Tried the below formula for Override? and all the check boxes were updated.

    Override? = IF Override Forecast = Final Forecast THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE

  • @vgurubilli 


    Can you post the snapshot of the error that you are getting? I think it has to be either name of the line item or format/syntax.

  • Thanks Misbah for quick response. Attached screenshot for your reference.

  • @vgurubilli 


    Override? Line item should be without formula meaning it should be open for input

    Override Forecast Line item should also be open for input

    Final Forecast Line item - You need to write a formula here IF Override? is Not checked then Initial demand forecast else override forecast


    Hope that answers your question



  • Thank You Misbah

  • @rachelwatsky @Misbah 


    Hi there, I am having trouble in this currently as I have been working through Sprint 3 in Level 2. I am having a hard time getting the right formulas and I keep getting errors in different parts. Let me know if anyone is available to help, thank you!!