Data Load from SAP BW to Anaplan using API

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Do you have document or articles explaining the data load from SAP tables to anaplan lists/modules via API?




  • What information, in particular, you are looking for? We have integrations built for data transfer between BW to Anaplan using REST APIs.

  • Hi @AashcaJ ,


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    I would like to know in specific data transfer from SAP BW to Anaplan using Api2.0.


    How are you managing the anaplan token in ABAP and how would you know in ABAP the structure of anaplan module or list?

    If you can share the sample code snippets that would be much appreciated.



  • there is nothing specific about integrating BW and Anaplan, it's just like any other data integration.

    You define the format you need in the target (Anaplan), make sure the source exports in this format (ABAP or use ETL for additional transformation) and then you make the API calls (directly or with a tool like Anaplan Connect).

  • Hi Nathan,
    Could I get Anaplan documents that explain the data load?

  • Hi @AashcaJ ,

    Could you please help as i want to know how are you handling(Generating and passing it to anaplan) access dynamic token in ABAP on SAP Side?




  • why would you pass an SAP token to Anaplan ?
    Have you read the API doc ? it explains how to connect through Anaplan

  • thanks for your reply,

    My requirement is to send data from SAP system to anaplan, I was able to do so in POSTMAN successfully and repeating similar steps in ABAP,

    In order to access anaplan models we need to pass the Access token which was generated on anaplan side= Post call of and response needs to be transferred when i call import anaplan APIs, Please let me know if there are other way to connect?