Drop Down List Should Exclude Previously Selected List Items


I am trying to limit the options in a dropdown list so that a user cannot select "option A" for both "slot 1" and "slot 2". In the attached image, the equivalent would be blocking the user from assigning "testtest" or "matt 622 upload" in the third slot for the parent "CUMMINGS, JAMIN".


Note: every parent should be able to select every option once, but never more than once. What is the easiest way to do this? Is there a certain way I need to setup my lists?


Thank you in advance for any help.


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  • jocelynbell
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    Hi @RobinSilk,

    Here's how to set up the dependent list filter so that you exclude previously selected list items.  First you will need to set up a Selection Criteria list and add Yes or No to that list.


    Then set up 3 staging line items in your module. One with the selection criteria set to no, another staging line item to determine which items have been selected, and then finally a line item that determines if the item has ever been selected.


    The summary method for the Package Selected Staging should be First-non blank and the formula for Package Selected? is:


    Add a Filter Driver Property to the dropdown list and set the formula to be the Package Selected? line item:


    Finally, set up the dependent dropdown on your picklist and you should be good to go:








  • prabhu

    Hi @RobinSilk - I have a one question?


    is the dimension of the module and format of a line item are same....?




  • Amaya

    Hi, @RobinSilk 


    Recently, I realized that it is sometimes easier to use the boolean input instead of choosing from dropdown list items.

    Here is an example.



    1. You choose Parent Item (List: Lv1, Select_Parent.select)
    2. 'Select_Example' module below is filtered by Select_Parent.select (GroupA). So you can choose from Child items of GroupA (Product A1, A2 or A3)
    3. Boolean inputs on the not chosen item are hidden with DCA.

    In this example, 'Product A1' has been already chosen in 'A', and you cannot choose 'Product A1' in Item D.


    This may not be what you exactly want to build.
    But "Boolean Input with DCA" hopefully helps you.

    See attached blueprint Excel sheets in the detail.


    I hope it helps,

  • the dependent drop down is using a line item to map to a property of the list.

    If you change the property in the list to not match that line item, then if won't be proposed.


    The trick is to bring the correct value of the selection status in the list, which you can do by adding the dimension to the line item with the classic first non blank