NUX Question and "Leave a Comment" Function




I have 2 questions about NUX.
1. When I hover over a page selector(e.g. Units Sold), why the lower chart is greyed out?
    Because this page selector doesn't apply to the lower chart?
    (First picture)
2. How do I access the "Leave a comment" function, and if it is not yet available, when will it be available?
    (Second picture)
Thank you!

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  • anikdas
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    Hi @PengWenLin 


    1. I think the first behaviour of the board page is to highlight on the portion that you are hovering on. And you are right, the below table does not have units sold as a context selector. Is there a different way you would want this to behave?

    2. The commenting functionality is not available yet. As this is a roadmap item, please stay tuned to the product updates in this community page: