ERROR: "API invocation failed: Illegal argument"


Good morning,

i receive following error when trying to edit the import data source:

"API invocation failed: Illegal argument"


In the same time even if source is pointed to production and users have access to the workspace- system gives error "You do not have access to the source workspace"


Any thoughts?

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  • DavidSmith
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    Hi Jason

    I need a bit more information to be able to help, could you provide some screenshots?

    Just one point to clarify; a list flagged as Production data is not locked down.  Production data is able to be changed in the deployed model, whereas if the list is not flagged as production data is locked in Deployed mode




  • It might be possible to place the numbered list item in a line item (i.e. format the line item as text and insert a formula:  Name(Item(list name))  (don't know enough to know if this would work).

  • To clarify, we are exporting these hierarchies out of the dev model and not the deployed production model as part of UAT.  


    I can't provide screenshots due to sensitive information, but I think David is correct in that the export with a numbered list will work out of the deployed model with production data.