Anaplan Excel Add-In 3.4, Show Changes


Hi Everyone, thanks for your time.

Would like to ask if anyone knows if it would be possible to update multiple modules at once across different sheets with the show changes option in the excel add-in (similar to how refresh worksheet works). Currently I am able to only do it for each sheet, am asking to see if I missed out anything. Took a look as well on the multi-sheet connection, seems like this connection is only for a single module having different sheets for selectors and not across different modules, unless I misunderstood or took a wrong step.


  • MagaliP



    You are correct: there is no way to submit data changes from multiple sheets at the moment.


    If this is something you would like, you may post it in the Idea Exchange. It would be useful to give some context about how many worksheets you are editing and how many users would use this functionality.


    Thank you