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Hi Team,


I am trying to Import data into SYS08 Employee Details as part of my Level 1 model builder training program, but while importing i am confused as in what to fill in the time dimension.

1) Since they are flat modules so time dimension should not come, so is that my mistake? do i need to remove time dimension from my numbered list? If yes then how to do it?





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  • filip.sypniewski

    Hi @kunal_311,


    you are right, your system module should be flat, only Employee dimension, no Time dimension. 


    On how to remove Time dimension:

    Please go to your SYS08 module, open blueprint and you need to set 'Not applicable' under Time Scale, on top, as well as for all of your line items in the module.


    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  • prabhu
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    Hi @kunal_311 


    I completely agree with @filip.sypniewski .


    But in addition to that i want to add 1 point.


    Generally when you are mapping a numbered list, you should always map only the code not the name.


    Here in your case, you should map Code -> E2 Employees.



  • prabhu
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    Hi Kunal,
    The reason is Code and department has formula written that's why.
  • filip.sypniewski

    Hi @kunal_311,


    yes, correct, no time dimension in this module, please set 'non applicable' to all your line items. 


  • Hi  filip.sypniewski ,


    I opted for NA as my time scale but I suppose I need to do it for all the line items under that list. Is my understanding correct?




  • Okay sorna,

    Column 2: Code - #E2 Numbered list
    Column headers : - SYS08 Employees details
  • Hi  filip.sypniewski ,


    I am confused with the mapping part of the source to target as well. As is where to map 


    Employees = Name?

    Dept Code = Department?

    Country Code = Country?


    How to make sure data we are mapping is correct?



  • prabhu
    Yes Kunal
  • Hi Sorna Raja Prabhu,


    Can you help me with as in why in target code and department are disabled for mapping?


  • Please can you help me, the date (start and leave date) are not importing

    2020-12-01_15-53-59 DATE.png

  • I have same issue. Start and end date is not importing to SYS008 Employee module for Module 1 training. It has something to do with date format

  • @JosephA @arindam82 


    Check the format of the date.  So in the mapping within the Action, on the line item tab, to the right of the date line items, click the Edit and you will be able to customize the format of the dates.

  • Thank you. That worked