Changing the dimensionality to the parent

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I need to change some modules that are referencing "C5" to C4.  C4 is the parent of C5.  What is the best way to change the dimensionality and format of modules that contain "C5" without losing the data?  Also some C5 formatted items are being referenced in other line items.





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    So changing a dimension of a module is not the hard part, you can easily do so from the applies to in the blueprint. The issue is elements that reference the list such as Line items, lookups, ...etc 

    So first look at the line items in the module and see if any of them references the C5 list. Also look at the Data format of the line items and if any is C5 and would now need to change to C4 then you need to do so too.

    finally if there is a lookup done in the module to access another module which is dimensiones by C5 then you will need to change that too.


    If you share the blueprint of the module maybe I can help give you more detailed information. 

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    @einas.ibrahim gives some great advise, but as soon as you change the Applies To, your data is gone.  It is best to create a carbon copy of your "source" or "original" module to store the current data and then import that data back into the "original" module after you have done all of your modifications.



  • Agree with both @einas.ibrahim  and @rob_marshall . One alternative to Rob's point about the imports is that you can also just add a temporary formula to your new module referencing the old module to bring and transform the data into the new module, and then remove the formula which will leave the data in the new module.


    Both should get you to the same place, but I like using the formula method better as you can validate the data easily, and there are no additional steps around creating the import or removing the one time import once your transformation has been complete.

    You simply: Add the formula, validate your numbers are correct, and then remove the formula. If you are using ALM then you would have to run 2 syncs with the first one having the formulas entered, and the second one with the formulas removed. If there is no ALM then you are done after removing the formulas. 


    I have done these dimension changes many times and found this way to work better for myself, but at the end of the day you get the same result and it is all personal preference!


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    @jasonblinn is right, a formula would be better than the import.